Buffalo Grove Theater

We will be staying open!!
The Theater has officially converted to digital projection and sound! But, we still need your help to keep our pricing affordable for you and your family. The loan payment on our digital equipment is $4,000.00 a month so we need your generosity to stay as we are.

You Can help by:
*Purchasing a raffle ticket.
*Bidding in our signed memorabilia auction.
*Bidding in our Paul Walker tribute auction.
*Just being an "Angel Donor" and donating what you can afford.
*1 raffle ticket for $5.00 and 5 raffle tickets for $20.00

See our table area for details or ask a staff member. 10% of the raffle will be donated to a NO KILL animal shelter. 50% of the Paul Walker auction will go to his charity.

Any little bit helps us afford the loan payment. No donation is too big or too small. All donations are greatly appreciated! We look forward to staying your affordable Community Theater!

Short Summary

A local community oriented Movie Theater in Buffalo Grove, IL needs your love and support in the forced switch to Digital Projection. We took this Theater over almost 5 years ago after it was run into the ground (think graffiti, hateful employees, unclean environments, ect) and took it from a dumpy Sub-Run Theater into a refurbished First-Run Theater. 

Prices here are affordable for all budgets with Matinees being $4.50 a person and General Admission for after Matinees being $7.00. Every year for the Holidays the Theater adopts a family in need, every Easter we do an egg hunt for the local kids for free, and every Halloween we deck the Theater out and even have haunted areas. We also offer affordable & customizable birthday packages for all ages and you can even play your video game systems here on the big screen! Staff here bend over backward to try and give customers the best experience possible.

Sadly we are being forced to convert to Digital Projection otherwise by 2014 we will be out of business. We could not raise enough money to qualify for a special rebate program but we were lucky enough to find a company that will install us for $180,000 instead of the original quote we received which was $300,000. We want to continue to stay in business and offer affordable movies to the masses. Without small Independent Theaters like this one, there would be nothing keeping the costs down and the big chains will be able to completely control movie prices. Could you imagine possibly paying over $20 to see a film?? That would be insane! It's us "little guys" that help keep the "big guys" somewhat grounded. 

Any little contribution we greatly appreciate and will help us be able to afford to stay in business. So far through In-House raffles and donations we have been able to raise $7,000. Any money brought in will help with the payments for the conversion. If by chance we cannot raise enough to convert then any money raised will go to paying off any debts to Studios and Vendors owed before the business closes.

We have gone through every channel we could think of, we have even gone to the Village of this town and they refuse to help us, sadly they do not stand behind their businesses out here. This Theater has been a labor of love and dedication for almost 5 years now and we are determined not to go down without a fight! 

If you cannot donate, please spread the word to friends and family. As we said before, every little bit helps, even 50 cents. We are still running an In-House Auction where there is a bunch of signed movie, sports and music memorabilia up and we offer different In-House Raffles each month or so. If you want any more information on the cause, auctions, raffles, or donations, please feel free to call our event line at: 847-215-1221. To check out current auctions and raffles please look at our website: www.bgtheater.com! Thank you for taking the time to look at our cause!